Market Research

Whether it’s qualitative or quantitative research, our disciplined methodologies always feature customized components, objective analysis, relevant reporting, and actionable recommendations. Our recent projects have included:

  • Environmental Scans

    To identify trends and patterns and surface issues and information that may impact the organization.

  • Competitor Analyses

    To assess the offerings, strengths, and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

  • Image and Awareness Studies

    To determine levels of familiarity and favorability and understand how the organization is perceived.

  • Pricing Studies

    To determine the organization’s competitive positioning, perceived value proposition, and optimal pricing.

  • Brand Strength Studies

    To understand projected versus perceived image and discover disconnects that warrant attention.

  • New Program Development Studies

    To investigate the factors that can determine the feasibility of launching a new program or offering.

  • Concept Testing

    To gain insights from targeted audiences that can inform content themes and creative development.

  • Decision Yield Surveys

    To learn where accepted students are enrolling and their reasons for making that decision.

  • Non-Matriculation Studies

    To identify the factors that contribute to students’ final decisions to deposit or enroll elsewhere.

  • Retention/Attrition Studies

    To surface the variables that impact students’ reasons to persist and graduate or withdraw.

  • Satisfaction Studies

    To discover reasons for selecting the institution and gauge satisfaction with the experience and its results.