Enrollment Management

We draw upon our strategic perspective and tactical expertise to impact every phase of marketing during the admissions and enrollment process. Our recent projects have included:

  • Prospect Research

    To reveal who is most likely to move successfully through the admissions funnel to matriculation.

  • Lead Generation (Search) Campaigns

    To identify untapped pools of prospective students and motivate them to declare their interest.

  • Campus Visit Audits

    To evaluate campus visit processes and gauge satisfaction with the experience among campus visitors.

  • Direct Marketing Campaigns

    To target key audiences with integrated messaging across a variety of communication platforms.

  • E-Communications

    To deliver messaging electronically via periodic e-newsletters or online content with direct calls to action.

  • Microsites

    To feature personalized content on dedicated webpages within or outside of the organization’s site.

  • Online Viewbooks

    To augment (or even replace) the traditional viewbook with a multimedia, interactive experience.

  • Recruitment Materials

    To motivate action by distinctively conveying the organization’s brand strengths and value proposition.

  • Tuition Reset Planning and Communications

    To prepare for, manage the implementation of, and spread awareness of a tuition reduction.