Show Me the Green

It’s all about the green—not only on St. Patrick’s Day, but almost every day for colleges that are trying to generate the necessary revenue to meet their budget goals.

Private Higher Education Marketplace Trends for 2017

This year our annual trends report points to three main factors families consider as they calculate a college’s value: price, quality, and outcomes.

Trends for 2017

Prospective students and families calculate a college’s value based on their price to attend, the quality of the educational experience, and resulting outcomes of the degree.

Illustration of businessman holding giant pot of gold

Early Results of FAFSA’s Calendar Shift

Who are the early filers of the FAFSA? Are they also the Early Decision/Action applicants? Are students and families viewing these early processes like a gold rush?

Illuminating the Value of the Liberal Arts

This month’s Liberal Arts Illuminated conference facilitated pathways, possibilities, and partnerships to sustain liberal arts education.

Private Higher Education Trends for 2016

As we do each January, we present trends in the higher education marketplace that are likely to affect enrollment and marketing efforts during the coming year.

Illustration of graph with upward trendily

Trends for 2016

We’ve identified six marketplace demands in the private higher education marketplace that we predict will have a significant impact on student recruitment and enrollment efforts during the coming year.

Jon Boeckenstedt on Prior-Prior Year (PPY) FAFSA

FAFSA Changes, PPY, and Their Impact on Private Colleges

With the prior-prior year (PPY) change to the FAFSA, private colleges will likely race those in their competitor set to provide admitted students with a reliable estimate of their financial aid award.

Man flipping a giant light switch

The Tuition Reset: Strategic Initiative or Marketing Ploy?

A reset of the published tuition price can flip the switch on both marketplace perceptions and the institution’s business model.