Utica Brand Awareness

Utica College reset its published price for Fall 2016, lowering the cost of tuition and fees by 42%. Tuition resets can be a success for institutions like Utica that undertake them with comprehensive strategic intent and from a position of institutional strength. When implemented correctly and publicized sufficiently, a tuition reset can positively influence families’ assessment of the institution’s value proposition and clarify the worth of the investment.

Billboards, mall displays, campus signage, digital ads, print ads, audio scripts, and alumni magazine articles were part of our work with Utica College to generate awareness of its tuition reset and its value proposition.

“The Lawlor Group’s strategic thinking and creativity are highly informed by a profound respect for the role and value of private higher education institutions, as well as a deep understanding of the higher education market and the constellation of factors and pressures that influence it.”

Todd S. HuttonFormer President