Tuition Discount Trends Indicate Need for Pricing Research

Strategic brand management in today’s higher ed landscape necessitates understanding the impact of price on the value proposition and the role tuition discounting plays in an institution’s quest for net tuition revenue.

Illustration of three executives walking different paths

Survey Results: Paths to a Private College Presidency

Private colleges presidents are more likely to come from outside of higher education than public college presidents, as two surveys seem to indicate.

Rewarding Work That Generates Results

We congratulate several of our clients whose advertising and digital marketing campaigns have won national awards in recent weeks.

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Higher Ed CMO Roles Must Evolve

If marketing is to take its strategic seat at the proverbial table, then the CMO’s role at colleges and universities will need to continue to evolve.

College Presidents Recognize the Need to be Highly Strategic Marketers

Presidents of private colleges recognize that today’s higher ed marketing efforts must be strategic (and not just about tactical implementation) and proactive.

Taking E-mail Campaigns to the Next Level

We’ve been able to consistently outperform industry open and click rates with our e-mail campaigns. Here’s how.

Independent College President Research Study in the Field

The Lawlor Group is excited to announce that it is collaborating on a research initiative to better ascertain the institutional marketing challenges facing independent college presidents.

An Opportunity to Illuminate the Liberal Arts

The list of dynamic thought leaders sharing their informed insights during “Liberal Arts Illuminated” goes on and on.

Just Published: Spring 2016 Lawlor Review

Featuring articles about the retention of admissions staff, the data used for College Scorecard, and competency-based education in a liberal arts context.